Is This The UK’s Most Popular Driving Instructor?

Thu 21st Apr 2022

A driving instructor from Wolverhampton is claiming to be the most popular in the UK, and maybe even the world, after seeing his YouTube and TikTok channels go viral.

Pin Binning, 40, celebrated one million TikTok followers this year, and claims his tips and advice on driving lessons have taught millions of learner drivers, even if he has never met them. Pin created his first channel in 2018, and combined creating videos for YouTube with his day job off actually teaching drivers as a full-time driving instructor. He started as a driving instructor 13 years ago, but will be raking in serious revenue as a social media influencer, especially as his videos have more than 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

“My YouTube channel is the most subscribed driving instructor channel in the UK, and even the world I believe,” Binning told The Sun.

“This was all new to me and so, whilst starting the YouTube channel, I had to learn how to edit videos too.

“The more videos I did, the better they got and it really took off for me, it was going extremely well. It just blew up!”

Pin expanded his social media empire to TikTok during lockdown, educating want-to-be motorists with shorter clips and has now branched out into a series of online courses, aimed at teaching driving.

He said: “A lot of instructors will take out a book and talk through it with their students during the lessons and spend time talking through it.

“I thought what would be easier for students is to have a set of videos covering every single one of these topics, and so I created a course and it’s very popular and is now the number one selling course.

“The ways people learn nowadays is very different, and so people obviously enjoy learning through TikTok and YouTube.”