Is This The Ultimate Driving Test Fail?

Mon 24th Jan 2022

A woman who travelled 500 miles in search of an easier driving test might have encountered the most spectacular fail in driving test history.

Recent research revealed that learner drivers north of the border had an easier time of getting their driving licence, as pass rates in Scotland were far superior to any other part of the UK, with many areas having a pass-rate over 80 per cent.

But the pass-rate in the Isle of Mull took a hit recently, when Londoner Constance Kampfner travelled 537 miles to try and improve her chances. The island in the Outer Hebrides has mainly single-track roads, very few traffic lights and just the one roundabout. 

Constance, who had previously failed her first driving test, had a mental block on roundabouts, and was hoping that the more sedate environment might help her pass. Speaking to The Times, Constance admitted that the test almost didn’t take place, as there are no driving instructors in Isle of Mull and so she had to take advantage of generous offer from a local, who loaned her a Mini.
“I was determined I would pass my driving test the second time – I simply needed to optimise my chances. A quick Google search told me where I needed to go, the Isle of Mull. I booked for the earliest available date, in mid-December,” Constance said.

“For their lessons residents tend to head to Oban on the mainland, where the ferry to the island departs from. None of the instructors I got hold of fancied the trip, each warning me of high chances that my crossing would be cancelled in bad weather.

“I took to Facebook, where local paramedic Mairi took pity and offered her blue Mini.

“I was feeling confident. Especially after learning that Mull’s single roundabout would not be on the route and that there was nowhere to parallel park.”

However, even a lack of a roundabout did not help Constance get a much needed pass, she failed having drifted too close to the middle of the road on too many occasions, and admitted getting distracted by the stunning scenery.

She said: With its craggy mountains and lochs set against bracken and evergreen forests, Mull would be stunning at any time but under the sunlight it sparkled.

“One particular stretch of road along the seafront running towards Tobermory had me nearly toppling into the silvery water.”