Is Your Car A Social Media Star?

Tue 25th Jun 2019

A new survey has revealed the extent to which Millennials love their cars, and the lengths they go to to demonstrate that love. has revealed that 50 per cent of Millennials (25-34 year olds) have posted at least one picture of their car to social media, they are the generation most likely to show off about their motor on Instagram and that the typical social media bragger is a 25-34 year old female from London with a BMW X5 and a private plate. According to the research, Audi is the car most likely to feature on social media in the UK, with millennials also favoring a car’s looks over its performance.

Whilst posting pictures of your car on Instagram might be deemed the vainest thing to do with your car, the report also suggests that owning a private number plate is a close second. Those who have a private number plate clean their car at least once a fortnight, more than half have modified their car and 58% with a cherished plate will have posted a picture of their car to social media.

At the other end of the scale, the least vain drivers are aged 45+, drive a silver Ford, in the South of England and care about reliability more than anything else.

“The overall conclusion from the survey is that respondents who have private plates, clean their car more often and also post to social media care for their car much more,” said the report. “Whether their car is a hobby, or they simply just want to be perceived to be of higher status or are simply flushed with cash, they are more than welcome to show their success to the world through private plates and sparkling paintwork.”   


Who Cleans The Car Most Frequently?

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