Is Your Car British Built?

Wed 4th May 2022

The motoring industry is struggling, with latest data showing production over the last 12 months to be at a record low, but would the car-buying public help out by buying British?

Apart from the fact that demand is far outstripping supply for most brands across the sector, a new survey from What Car? has found that sympathy for UK car manufacturing is on the wain, even if the industry continues to struggle.

One in four active car buyers admit that they would choose British, either by brand, or by the fact that the car was built in the UK, which is a great sentiment, but one which is down from a high of 44 per cent in January 2021.

New car registrations for March were at their lowest levels since 1998 according to new data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and though there may be some optimism for the sector provided by the What Car? survey, it is worth noting too that almost one in five car owners didn’t actually know the country of origin of their car!

“Though the need to support domestic businesses has dropped from the highs seen during the worst months of Covid, buyers are still aware their purchase can help manufacturers operating in the country,” said Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?

“This is particularly important for a sector that employs more than 797,000 people and contributes £11.9 billion in added value to the UK economy.”

Still, the survey left a little room for hope, with 61 per cent of those who responded saying that it is important for buyers in general to support British manufacturing.