Is Your Car Dog Friendly?

Wed 20th Jul 2022

One of the big impacts of the global pandemic has been a huge growth in dog ownership, which means that there is more dogs in cars, but do dogs like being passengers? According to MINI, dogs love driving in their cars.

It’s a bold statement, but following their partnership with the Dogs Trust, MINI have set to defining the ultimate driving experience for dogs and have some hints and tips to ensure dog owners make the right choice when buying their next car.

According to research, one of the first things to look out for is to see if your dog is happy in the car. Happy dogs are those that are eager and willing to get in the car, settle down easily once inside and have enough space to comfortably stand, sit and lie down.

MINI surveyed 1,000 doggy drivers and found that 91 per cent believed that their dog was happy in a MINI, with more than half reporting that their pooch displayed all the aforementioned positive behaviours. The survey also found that the MINI Clubman was the dogs’ favourite, with an even higher feel-good factor of 95 per cent???

MINI also provide a range of advice on what to look for in a car when considering your dog. This includes ensuring there is enough height and width for the dog to relax, looking at access points for the dog and also considering what materials in the car, with easy-to-clean fabrics a premium.

Clearly MINI are taking the partnership seriously, and have even taken lengths to ensure that their car showrooms are dog friendly.

“Since March 2020, there has been an undeniable surge in people getting a four-legged companion,” said a Dogs Trust statement. “We have seen the UK dog population increase from 9 million to 12.5 million. Google searches for “buying a puppy” increased by a huge 213% after lockdown began compared to the previous twelve months.

“With this drastic increase in dog ownership, there will be an increased number of dogs being transported on the roads – including many drivers who will be travelling with their dog in cars for the first time. We’re working with MINI to ensure dog owners have the tools to educate themselves on dog safety and can purchase the necessary accessories to ensure safe travel, that MINI dealerships are dog friendly and MINI staff are trained to appropriately welcome dogs into retail spaces.”