Is Your Car Too Dirty To Pass Its MOT?

Tue 10th Apr 2018

Thousands of UK drivers are seeing their cars refused an MOT because their vehicles are too dirty for testers to access.

The latest analysis of test data revealed that 2,416 motorists were denied the MOT as their car was non-accessible and the hygiene of some vehicles has seen the refusal on environmental health grounds. Some cars are left with fast food leftovers, cartons and cans of drink, while other vehicles are proving to be a danger to everyone’s health with the growth of mould on the interior of windows.

Dirty cars are not the only reasons for an MOT test refusal, other cars are refused as the boot is too full, whilst many more are failed due to registration plate problems. Illegal fonts, wrong coloured plates and dirty plates have seen 1,422 fails of the test. Some cars even fail as they are put in for a test without a number plate!

Car stickers are another problem leading to test failures. In the most extreme case, one car had a reported 14 stickers on the front of the windscreen.

Some of the more common MOT test failures include a lack of windscreen washer fluid, ignoring warning lights and misaligned headlights.

A spokesman for, who produced the figures, said: "It’s amazing how many drivers fail before they even set foot in the testing centres.

"Dirty number plates, warning lights these can easily be given attention and many of the problems are basic maintenance.

"Poor car hygiene is a common factor and can also lead to health issues."

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