Is Your Council Fleecing You For Parking Fines?

Mon 28th Dec 2020

New data published this month has revealed which are the most expensive local council car parking fines across the United Kingdom.

The information has been published by Access Self Storage following a Freedom of Information request to 429 councils for the first six months of 2020, during the first coronavirus lockdown and though 250 responded to the request, it still revealed a whopping number of fines issued.

There were a total of 3,094,829 tickets issued from 1st January to 31st July, with fines amounting to £112,761,254.95.

The data revealed that while some councils were keen to hand out plenty of fines, it was one of the most lenient councils that actually charged the highest amount.

So while City of Westminster was the most prolific council, handing out a total of 114,992 tickets in the six month period, Cotswold District Council only issued 78 fines in the same time period, but the average ticket cost was a massive £305.94.

Cotswold Council’s average fine cost was almost double that of the second most expensive council, Stirling Council in Scotland. In fact, Scottish councils seem to hit the hardest, whilst those in London dish out the most fines.

“Local councils across the country are making millions from parking fines, particularly in London. The fines still apply during lockdown, so if you need to park your car, make sure you read the signs on the road carefully,” said a Access Self Storage spokesperson.

“Misreading a parking sign in the Cotswolds can cost you over £300, which is sure to ruin a holiday. There are a few Scottish councils in the top 20, too, making it a hotspot for expensive fines. Make sure you plan ahead and know where you can park your car, without it costing the earth!”