Italian Hypercar Trialled 1000bhp

Wed 21st Sep 2022

The founder of one of the world’s most exciting supercar projects has admitted that his latest venture had the option of taking a 1000bhp engine, but ditched it as it actually slowed the car down too much.

Horacio Pagani saw his company unveil the majestic Utopia this week at a star-studded festival of art, music and culture in Milan. With a V12 twin-turbocharged engine built by Mercedes-AMG, the stylish sports car is said to be capable of exciting the senses, but with a press release that speaks of ‘Utopia being a place that did not exist, and ever since the name has been given to the idealized places of which we dream. But for those who make their own future, for

creators, utopia exists, it is ‘merely’ a case of finding it!’

But speaking to Top Gear magazine this week, Pagnani has revealed that the Utopia may have been a case of paradise lost, with the option of a hybrid 1,000bhp offered by Mercedes using the twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8 with twin electric motors. However in trials around the famous Nurburgring in Germany, the pumped up version had more power, but was actually four to five seconds slower due to the additional engine weight.

“Pagani cars are meant to be lightweight," Horacio said. "So [although] we will continue to invest in developments for electrification, the biggest goal for us is to find a way to make the car more enjoyable, more fun, more Pagani."

It’s unlikely that after so many years of development that the Utopia will change anytime soon, but the Pagnani boss has hinted that future cars could have a full EV capacity, even if weight remains an issue.

He said: “We've had a team only focusing on full electric, but at the same time they’re also evaluating all the other options that could be also hybridization. I own a Porsche 918 and I love it on electric driving from my house to Modena which is probably 15 kilometres, [but then] the battery's gone. So when I’m driving back home, I carry all the weight of things that are completely discharged."