Jaguar Aims To Add To Line-Up

Wed 6th Jul 2022

Iconic British car brand Jaguar has announced that it is planning to add three brand new vehicles to its line-up over the next few years after a period of relative inactivity.

Pandemic lockdowns and subsequent supply-chain issues have seemingly paused development of the next generation of Jaguar marques, but in a revealing interview with Autocar, the company’s vehicles boss, Nick Collins, has laid out the company’s plans for the future.

While there are no concrete details of the new range, it is expected that three electric sports crossovers will be built on a single platform, known as Panthera, and that the new models will be north of the £100k barrier, pitting them against high-end vehicles such as Bentley and Aston Martin.

Speaking about recharging the brand after some fairly lean years, Collins said: “We’re absolutely where we want to be. I’m conscious we’ve been quiet on Jaguar, but that has been deliberate. We had [Land Rover’s] Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and [Land Rover] Defender 130 to launch, and we needed to get that done. But we’ve been working like crazy on the new Jaguars with a fiercely dedicated team locked away from distractions.” 

Industry rumours have suggested that the company will take a strong shift away from the current Jaguar design-language, something which many insiders might expect following the appointment of Gerry McGovern as group creative director of JLR, after a similar stint solely at Land Rover. But Collins refused to comment, simply stating that the development of the vehicles is well underway. 

“We’ve signed off the whole portfolio,” Collins told Autocar. “We’re in the final maturation phase, getting the cars ready for production by dealing with production surfacing and practical stuff like aerodynamics and cooling. But we cling very closely to the company’s core principle of making very few changes for production. We see our task as being to bring great designs to life.”