Jaguar Land Rover Job Cuts Discussed In Parliament

Wed 16th Jan 2019

Amidst the political jousting of the Brexit debate, the UK’s MPs took time to discuss the future of the British car industry, with Jaguar Land Rover the focus.

JLR announced last week that they were cutting 4,500 jobs from the UK workforce as part of a £2.5 billion cost-saving programme and that has spurred a debate in the House of Commons.

Solihull Conservative MP Julian Knight opened the debate, JLR’s Lode Lane plant is in his constituency and Mr Knight was keen to explain to MPs the challenges which JLR are currently facing in the uncertain political and economic climate.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Knight said: “Solihull is very proud to be an exporting town, with a global footprint and a trade surplus in goods with the EU.

“Car manufacturing has played an important role in our community for 70 years and the recent job reductions at Lode Lane are a cause of deep concern to local residents.

“Clean diesel cars, such as those built by Jaguar Land Rover, have an important role to play in helping this Government achieve its environmental, economic and technological goals.

“This debate is my opportunity to make this case and receive a direct, public response from a minister.

“I will continue to use my position in Parliament to push for the policies which will give Jaguar Land Rover the confidence it needs to invest in our town, protecting jobs and keeping Solihull at the forefront of Britain’s exporting trade.”

Jaguar Land Rover is facing what has been described as a ‘perfect storm’ of uncertainty with Brexit, a slump in diesel sales and a decline in one of their biggest markets, China. The company currently employ 44,000 staff in the UK but have yet to announce where the job cuts will come.