JLR Cancels Out Travel Sickness With Software Update

Thu 6th Aug 2020

New technology adapted by Jaguar Land Rover will cancel out motion sickness in autonomous vehicles, by making them drive more like a human!

JLR first revealed the technology would be introduced to their range of cars in 2018, with vehicles giving a personalised wellness score and able to reduce motion sickness by up to 60 per cent. Those learnings have now been combined with 20,000 real-world and virtually simulated test miles to help implement the software into self-driving software.

The technology not only reduces motion sickness, but will also mimic the individual driving characteristics of Jaguars and Land Rovers to give a more authentic autonomous drive.

“Mobility is rapidly changing, and we will need to harness the power of self-driving vehicles to achieve our goal of zero accidents and zero congestion,” said JLR’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Steve Illey. “Solving the problem of motion sickness in driverless cars is the key to unlocking the huge potential of this technology for passengers, who will be able to use the travelling time for reading, working or relaxing.”

So-called adaptive dynamics are already incorporated into many JLR cars, removing low frequency motion from the road by altering the ride settings every 10 milliseconds.

According to a 1975 study, motion sickness affects 70 per cent of people.