JLR In Slovakia Switch?

Mon 6th Jun 2022

The British motor industry could be set for a huge blow with news that one of its biggest players is considering options abroad.

Reports from respected news agency Bloomberg suggest that Jaguar Land Rover is looking at two suppliers of batteries based in Slovakia, a switch which is likely to send shockwaves through British industry. 

The UK government has invested millions in paving the way for Britain to become the centre of electric vehicle production, courting the prospect of many gigafactories coming to these shores. But the news that one of Britain’s established car brands might look elsewhere has to be a concern, particularly as the Bloomberg story suggests that JLR may look to build their EVs in Slovakia.

JLR’s only electric car, the Jaguar iPace, is built abroad, while the Land Rover Discovery and Defender are built in Slovakia, which is ominous for an industry which is moving towards an all-electric future.

Some industry analysts are suggesting that the rumours may be a ploy from JLR to secure more government support and funding and a JLR statement in reaction to the stories said: “With our strategy for every single Jaguar Land Rover model available as a full BEV by the end of the decade, we will retain our plant and assembly facilities in the home UK market and around the world, as cited in the Reimagine strategy. We continue to explore all options around the supply of batteries. No decisions have been made yet.”