JLR Pinpoints New Navigation System

Tue 14th Jun 2022

Jaguar Land Rover are now offering customers even more precise navigation systems in their on-board technology thanks to a partnership with global location innovators what3words.

The what3words technology has already revolutionsed search and rescue efforts by allowing those who have the app on their phones to pinpoint their precise location to a unique 3m x 3m square. Each square has a unique combination of three words, and the ‘always-on’ solution works without the need for mobile connectivity, which is ideal for those car journeys to remote locations, which very often can compromise satnav GPS systems.

JLR’s partnership can be retrospectively added to vehicles already on the road, through a software over the air update, which means that Jaguar and Land Rover owners can now navigate to a location based on the what3words address.

“This world-changing technology is all about simplification, providing our customers with a seamless modern luxury experience that means they can find their way anywhere in the world without having to worry about connectivity,” said Mark Carter, navigation product owner at Jaguar Land Rover.


“The partnership with what3words, enabled by HERE Technologies, further highlights our world-leading SOTA capability which allows us to offer services that are always on and always connected.”

JLR’s commitment to providing the most sophisticated in-car technology solutions has seen the company previously update all cars with the latest Amazon Alexa platform, they have so far delivered 1.3m vehicle-level updates to their network of owners.

The partnership with what3words was first trialled in 2018, when JLR helped improve healthcare administration on the remote Scottish island of Mull.

“This partnership ensures you can get to the exact destination of your next adventure with ease and in comfort,” said Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of what3words.

“Jaguar Land Rover recognised the benefits our innovative technology brings to those on the road, and we’re proud that our partnership with HERE Technologies has made this possible.”