Jogger Safety Score Refuted

Mon 25th Apr 2022

One of the UK’s most popular budget brands, Dacia, has hit back after its seven seater Jogger received a one-star Euro NCAP rating.

One star out of five has raised alarm bells in the industry that the budget brand may have cut too many corners on safety, but the tests by the safety regulation body have been questioned, particularly as the Sandero Stepway, which is almost the same car, built on the same platform, received a higher mark in tests last year.

The Jogger scored lowly on protection for vulnerable road users and safety assist functions, with Thatcham Research’s chief research strategy officer, Matthew Avery saying: “For a family car, this safety performance is disappointing. The vehicle may be more affordable than others in the same category, but in terms of safety, it appears that you do get what you pay for.”

The rating has clearly caused friction at the Romanian brand, which prides itself on cutting back on mod-cons, in favour of more affordable vehicle prices.

Speaking about some of the scores on safety assistance and criticism on the lack of a seatbelt reminder in the third row of seats, Marc Suss, Dacia’s vice president of engineering, said: “This is the result of our choices. We did not implement a seatbelt reminder on the third row because when you want to extract the seats, you need to disconnect and reconnect some electronic features. 

“This is not what we call essential. We made the choice to keep it simple for our customers. Each time we are putting a new car on the market, it is the safest Dacia ever. It is far safer than the Logan and other cars. Even compared to most of the cars in the market, we are providing cars with a level of safety features that are far above.”