Just How Clean Is Your Car?

Wed 31st Jul 2019

A bizarre new survey has revealed how dirty UK drivers are prepared to let the inside of their cars get and some of the things which are left to fester inside.

According to Zuto, who interviewed 2,000 British drivers, Hyundai drivers are the most likely to leave dirty nappies inside their car… dirty nappies?!?

The survey also revealed that 14 per cent of Honda drivers admit to have left vomit in their car, while one in three Volvo drivers say that they wait longer than a year before vacuuming or dusting the interior. Honda drivers were next worse, with Citroen and those hideous nappy-leaving Hyundai drivers also wait more than six months.

Fast food wrappers are a common theme in cars driven by a younger generation and it might not surprise you to find that Citroen and Vauxhall drivers are most likely to leave fast food debris in their car. Peugeot drivers might think they are slightly healthier with their food choices, but 10 per cent leaving mouldy fruit inside their car is still gross. Not as disgusting perhaps as the Mercedes-Benz drivers who admit that they have ‘had an experience of pet poo’. 

Perhaps the more luxury cars are the type to have pets, and to be fair the survey reveals that the more premium cars are kept a lot cleaner than the aforementioned. One in five Mercedes-Benz drivers clean their car every fortnight, with 20 per cent of BMW drivers giving it a clean on a monthly basis. Audi drivers get a big tick as 10 per cent clean their motor once a week, but then Vorsprung Durch Technic does not extend to taking care of gym kit, Audi owners are most likely to leave dirty gym gear in the car. But then perhaps Audi owners go to the gym more often?