Just Passed Your Test? Did You Take Advantage Of Best Day Of The Year?

Fri 3rd Jan 2020

Those lucky newly qualified drivers who passed their test last Friday have made the most of a statistical anomaly which makes 3rd January the most likely day to pass your driving test.

According to DVLA data published by Confused.com, one of the first days of the calendar year has a 49.4% pass-rate, closely followed by April 4th (48.5%) and 11th (48.4%).

January is ranked third overall (46.8%) for the best month to pass, bettered only by August (47.21%) and April (47%).

While some might suggest that it is the skill of the driver, rather than the day of the year, which best determines your likelihood of passing, there are some obvious times where passing should be slightly easier.

There’s a school of thought that taking a test through rush hour makes things easier, but the data suggests that quieter roads are best with 51.3 per cent passing between 9am and 10am compared to only 47.3 per cent who took the test during the busy 7am to 8am slot.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com, said: “Taking a driving test, be it for the first or fifth time, is always a daunting experience.

And knowing what you can do to increase your chance of a pass can be quite overwhelming and confusing.

“For many years there’s been rumours floating around that certain times of days are better than others. And that is true. And we’ve compiled all the data into our driving test calculator to help you pick the right day, or time, for you.

“Learning to drive can be really expensive. Tests can cost up to £75, and that’s not including the hundreds of pounds people spend on lessons.”