Kia Reveals Ambitious Self Driving Plans

Wed 15th Jan 2020

Korean car brand Kia has announced a range of exciting plans for the next five years with the aim of shifting the focus to electric and automated vehicles.

As part of ‘Plan S’ which was revealed this week, the company has said that it plans to sell one million ‘eco-friendly’ models a year by 2026, of which half of those would be all-electric.

As part of a two-phased approach, Kia will first focus on developing their range of EVs and then look at ways and means that they can customise the experience of using the vehicles with what is called ‘customised mobility solutions’, for example the option of driving a Kia without actually owning it.

“As the auto industry undergoes turbulent changes, today is also an opportune time for Kia Motors to radically transform itself into a global enterprise, dedicated to spearheading customer value-led innovations,” said Kia president and CEO, Han-woo Park.

“Plan S is a bold and enterprising roadmap for Kia’s future business transition, buttressed by the two pillars of electric vehicles and mobility solutions.

“Kia will reinvigorate its brand innovation by developing products and services that offer new experiences for customers.”

Kia’s current EV option is the e-Niro, which is essentially an existing model of a car with the engine stripped out and replaced with a battery, however ‘Plan S’ will see a dedicated electric car on the market by 2021 and then 11 models available by 2025.

The most ambitious plans come in the customised mobility solutions which would see those who live in cities be able to call on an autonomous pod vehicle, much like hiring a taxi, rather than owning a car.