Kids Armed With Speed Guns Are Catching Drivers In London

Wed 24th Jul 2019

Dangerous drivers in the UK’s capital face getting a grilling from primary school children following a new initiative from Transport for London.

“Are you aware of the consequences of speeding?” is one of the most hard-hitting questions faced for drivers who are caught above the speed limit as they travel past one school in London. If the dangerous driver doesn’t want to face guilt-ridden questions from school children then they face the prospect of a fixed penalty or a speed awareness course.

The scheme, which was launched in 2017 and has spread to other areas of the UK, comes after latest figures reveal that between 2015 and 2017 there were 1,381 children injured in collisions with cars while travelling to school in London.

The success of the current scheme is underlined by the results. “In an hour and a half yesterday we caught 32 people speeding outside our school,” said Charlotte and Matthew, Year 6 publils at Our Lady Immaculate Primary School in Surbiton. “That’s not good enough and we are shocked the number is so high. We want to be able to walk to school safely and not worry about speeders so adults should slow down.”

Collisions are a leading cause of serious injury, disability or death of children in the UK. In 2017, 48 children died in road collisions in the UK and over 15,700 children were injured.

“It is essential that our busy local neighbourhoods are safe places to get around. Over a thousand children in London have been injured in collisions travelling to school over the last three years, and reducing excessive speeding is vital to keeping young people safe,” Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander said.