Kids Want Cars That Fly

Wed 29th Sep 2021

The youngest generation are almost destined to be driving an electric car in the future, what do the kids of today actually want from a car? The answer is probably the same today as it was 50 years ago, they want a car that can fly.

As part of their Go Electric: Future Generation Report, Ford Motor Group have surveyed the opinions of the eight-to-nine-year-olds to find out what the key features for a car will be when they are legally allowed to drive in ten years time. And the must have considerations for car designers with an eye on the future? The ability to fly, an electric engine, comfy seats and green credentials.

The future of the planet was clearly a key for the drivers of tomorrow, with 78 per cent agreeing that we have to try our hardest to look after the planet, and children recognising that electric cars are by far the most environmentally friendly.

Ford’s Senior Exterior Designer, Nedzad Mujcinovic, brought the kids’ ideas to life in a Ford Future Generation Concept, an electric flying machine.

“It’s clear that today’s children have their wonderful imagination, but they’re also sensible at the same time,” said Alice Swallow, Senior Innovation Engineer at Ford.

“They want their car to fly and be fun, but they’re also very keen on future mobility being sustainable and safe.

“We’ve mocked up how we think this dream car should look. It would certainly grab attention - but we’re not overly sure it will be appearing on our forecourts in the next decade or so.

“When presented with the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, our young Future Generation kids certainly had some strong views on the car, with the interior tech receiving high praise, and they quickly identified it was all-electric.

“We’re passionate about making the car people want as well as the car people need, and it’s vital we listen to the views of both children and adults on the road to 2030.”