Korean Manufacturer Reinvents The Airbag

Thu 19th Sep 2019

A new innovation in airbag technology has been developed by Hyundai which could cut the incidents of head injuries caused by passengers banging their heads together.

An all-new centre-airbag which sits between the passengers will deploy in the event of an accident, which is said to cut injuries from smashing skulls together by 80 per cent.

The airbags will be installed into the drivers seat and will inflate into the space above the armrest, fitted with an internal tether and is said to be 500g lighter than competing products.

Hyundai’s innovation is the latest in a line of airbag developments, with knee airbags, external airbags to protect pedestrians and rear airbags all intended to increase safety. However Hyundai are keen to get ahead of forthcoming Euro NCAP tests which will look at side impacts as another measure of safety.

“According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association’s statistics, the rate of secondary damage caused by these kinds of collisions or from hitting interior materials is about 45%,” said the Hyundai press release.

“Upcoming Euro NCAP is expected to include side impact into its consideration beginning year 2020; Hyundai Motor Group expects its airbag to work favorably in such evaluations.”

The first airbags were introduced to the European market in the early 1980s when the Mercedes S Class developed the technology.