Lego Builds A Full-Size McLaren Senna

Tue 26th Mar 2019

One of the greatest supercars of its generation, the McLaren Senna, has a new look thanks to a huge project of almost half a million individual Lego bricks.

The amazing project, which has been designed by Lubor Zelinka, saw 20,000 individual parts specifically created amongst 467,853 pieces, which weigh a hefty 1,700kg; 500kg more than the real car, but perhaps a little less expensive than the £750,000 it costs to purchase one of the limited edition Sennas.

Zelinka has previous experience of working on lifelike supercars made from Lego bricks having previously crafted a drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron. This project took almost 5,000 man hours to put together, way more than the 300 hours it takes to build the real thing.

To cope with all the additional load bearing each Lego brick is glued into place, but it’s not all bricks, there is a steel reinforced frame underneath, and it also includes genuine wheels and tyres, though the calipers and discs are made from Lego.

Unlike the Lego Chiron, the Senna cannot actually drive anywhere, but you can still press the unique McLaren ignition and press your foot to the accelerator to enjoy a synthesised engine roar.
Those who want the real roar of the engine might be less lucky, McLaren only plan to produce 500 Sennas. Though if you want to own a scaled down Lego version of the McLaren you can buy one from all good toy shops for £12.99.

The life-size version of the Lego Senna can be seen for real at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.