Less Is More For New Lexus SUV

Sat 20th Aug 2022

Luxury Japanese carmaker Lexus have introduced their latest SUV to the market, the RX, which comes with a stripped back ‘less is more’ approach where lavish details and flourishes are not the focus.

Lexus has been synonymous with luxury and style for many years, but the latest RX is a far cry from its predecessors, with Project Chief Designer Jota Kusakari admitting that the company has opted for a clean, uncluttered sense of space and refinement for the interior.

“We challenged ourselves to create a simple yet thoughtful space that didn’t rely on ornamentation,” Kutsakari said this week.

“We focused on giving the trim, seats and armrests a tactile feel worthy of a high-quality interior, even paying attention to the door opening and closing feel, and the audio quality, to realise a quality that inspires the senses.”

By creating a long continuous dashboard that incorporates both the infotainment system and the speedometers, the designers were able to eliminate any confusion, with the aim of simplicity. This has also been taken into account with the door handle design, which is much lower than usual, allowing the panels to appear as an extension of the dashboard.

It’s an approach which continues the brand’s famed ‘tazuna’ concept which ensures that the driver has very little distraction from the job of driving the car.

“Embodying the tazuna concept, the cockpit design realises a space that allows the driver to have a deeper, more intuitive connection with the car, enabling them to control it as intended.,” says Kusakari. This rationale is witnessed in details such as co-ordinated arrangement of the information sources – centre console display, meters and head-up display – so their contents can be viewed with just small adjustment of the driver’s eyeline.