Let The Train Take The Strain - At Your Peril!

Tue 23rd Jul 2019

Drivers in London are most at risk at getting their car stolen from a train station car park according to data published this month.

The report focused on a Freedom of Information carried out on the British Transport Police, which revealed that instances vehicles being stolen from train station car parks has risen a staggering 198 per cent in the last five years, with a total of 414 motor thefts in the last year from April to March 2019. In the same period in 2014/15 there were only 138 thefts.

Mopeds and motorbikes were hugely popular amongst the thieves making up more than a third of those vehicles taken, and it is no surprise to find brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio and Vespa amongst the most popular brands stolen.

"These figures make depressing reading for commuters who split their journey into work across road and train. The rise in railways station thefts has been turbo-charged by the growth in popularity of scooters and mopeds, which are an easy target for thieves," Alex Buttle, director of the website Motorway said.

"Although most, if not all, stations car parks will have CCTV cameras, that doesn’t mean your vehicle won’t be targeted. Seasoned criminals know how to quickly gain access to cars, and many aren’t bothered by on-site security. 

"Motorbikes, mopeds and scooters are particularly vulnerable, so ensure you have multiple security measures in place; such as wheel locks and clamps plus heavy-duty chain link or brake disc locks to make your vehicle less appealing to opportunistic criminals."


Top Ten Train Stations For Theft In The UK

  1. Sevenoaks, Kent: 14 thefts

  2. Brighton, Sussex: 10 thefts

  3. Ebbsfleet International, Kent: 8 thefts

  4. Haslemere, Surrey: 8 thefts

  5. Godalming, Surrey: 7 thefts

  6. Hildenborough, Kent: 7 thefts

  7. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire: 6 thefts

  8. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: 5 thefts

  9. Farnborough, Hampshire: 5 thefts

  10. Harlow Town, Essex: 8 thefts