Lexus Dominates Used Car Satisfaction Survey

Thu 20th Sep 2018

While here at we believe that all of our used cars are first class and 100% satisfying, an influential new survey has revealed which car brand is top of the tops.

The Auto Express Driver Power survey is regarded by many within the industry as one of the best guidelines for the health of the car buying sector. More than 80,000 respondents judged the reliability of the used car they had purchased with the Lexus coming out with excellent marks.

The Lexus IS Mk3 has been available to buy since 2014 and has been performing excellently in customer reviews ever since. With turbocharged and hybrid options available this really is a car that has one eye on the future and with a reliability score of 98.04% it sure has won over the fans of the Japanese brand. The IS came second in the survey in 2017, so is enjoying consistently good results with buyers. The IS featured heavily in other areas of the Driver Power survey, for handling, comfort and drivetrain and with the majority of buyers opting for the 2.5-litre petrol-electric 300h, it appears that there are few concerns over a hybrid technology.

Second on the list is also a Lexus, the CT scored 95.88% and Auto Express readers were equally impressed with this used car. Auto Express said: “It’s an exemplary performer, and makes an almost perfect second-hand buy, with its reliability claim backed up by an impressively low number of people reporting faults.”

Lexus claims another spot in the top ten with seventh spot for the RX Mk3, which again scores highly for hybrid versions and is noted for a smooth ride and great brakes and steering.

It seems reliability is the USP for cars from the far east, as one of Lexus’ rivals Toyota has similar dominance in the reliability top ten with Toyota RAV4 Mk4m Auris and Prius Mk3 all scoring well, the RAV4 and Auris claiming third and fourth spot, whilst the Prius again scores well for the hybrids with eighth. The only European cars in the list at the Volvo V40, Mercedes E-Class and Skoda Yeti.

Top 10 most reliable used cars

1. Lexus IS Mk3 – 98.04%

2. Lexus CT – 95.88%

3. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 – 95.48%

4. Toyota Auris – 94.63%

5. Volvo V40 – 93.65%

6. Mercedes E-Class Mk4 – 93.65%

7. Lexus RX Mk3 – 93.57%

8. Toyota Prius Mk3 – 93.17%

9. Skoda Yeti – 92.86%

10. Honda CR-V Mk4 – 92.72%