Life Sentence For Killer Drivers

Mon 21st Sep 2020

New legislation brought in by the government will inflict much more severe penalties for those found guilty of causing death or serious injury through driving.

Drivers who kill someone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are likely to face life imprisonment under the new laws, while an additional offence will be introduced aiming to protect those who might receive life-changing injuries from dangerous or careless driving.

The changes are being introduced in 2021 as part of the Ministry of Justice’s White Paper. Previously the longest term for causing death by dangerous driving while under the influence of drink or drugs was limited to 14 years, but Robert Buckland QC, Justice Secretary is keen to see the changes introduced: "This Government has been clear that punishments must fit the crime, but too often families tell us this isn’t the case with killer drivers.

"So, today I am announcing that we will bring forward legislation early next year to introduce life sentences for dangerous drivers who kill on our roads, and ensure they feel the full force of the law.

"But this is only one part of our plan to crack down on crime and restore confidence in the justice system, and I will set out further measures this week.”

A shocking 174 people were found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving in 2019, with an additional 19 sentenced for causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs. A consultation in 2017 saw 90 per cent of respondents call for new laws on dangerous driving, with 70 per cent agreeing that the maximum penalty should be life imprisonment.