London Car Owners Frozen Out

Mon 1st Aug 2022

Driving a car in London is fast becoming unfashionable as the capital’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) is forcing thousands of car owners to sell-up and seek alternative modes of transport.

While London Mayor Sadiq Khan explores ways in which he can further extend the ULEZ boundary to the very out-limits of Greater London, a new poll of car owners has found that more than one in three are considering selling their vehicles and switching to public transport or cycling.

The analysis by car-selling experts Motorway has revealed that in the London region, three out of five car owners are worried about how the ULEZ expansion will impact their daily finances. The survey also found that two out of three cannot afford to switch to a new petrol model in order to comply with ULEZ regulations to avoid the daily £12.50 charge. Even fewer are able to level-up and buy a more environmentally-friendly electric model.

Research from the website also found that two in five car owners had actually sold their car when they the ULEZ regulations first came into effect in Inner London.

Of those who said in the poll that they were selling their petrol or diesel engine, close to half (47 per cent) said they were looking to buy an electric car due to the potential for ULEZ expansion.

More worryingly, the research found that more than one in three were not even aware that the clean-air zone was coming to their area next year.

Speaking about the analysis, Motorway’s founder Alex Buttle said: “The cost of petrol and diesel, along with the cost of living, are rising fast. This coupled with the extension of the ULEZ in London, means more urban drivers are questioning their current car and driving habits,” he said.

“We've seen a 21 per cent rise in diesel cars being sold on Motorway since last month and the research revealed many more motorists will be looking to sell in the next six months due to the likely expansion of ULEZ to cover the whole of the city.”