London Drivers Targeted On Cycling Lanes

Sat 2nd Jul 2022

Motorists brave enough to journey into the expensive streets of London now face another threat after Transport for London applied for powers which will allow them to fine any drivers who veer into cycle lanes.

The prospect of driving into the UK’s capital was already an expensive affair, with the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charges taxing vehicles to venture into the heart of London, and now the local authorities have taken advantage of a change in the law to fine drivers with this new infringement.

All councils in England and Wales can now apply to take the burden away from the police on a list of traffic offences. Now Transport for London can use their network of CCTV cameras to spot any vehicles venturing into cycling lanes, and hit them with an instant £160 penalty charge notice. Much like bus lane violations, drivers will be stung with the fine, even if they cross the line slightly.

While the news will anger many thousands of motorists, the new powers will cheer many cyclists, who according to a recent report, more than half choose not to cycle in London due to worries over their safety.

Siwan Hayward, TfL's director of compliance, policing, operations and security, said: “We welcome the introduction of the new enforcement powers in London. 

“Protecting designated space for cyclists is essential in keeping them safe and improving confidence to cycle. 

“We will start enforcing in key locations in London to deter drivers contravening the road rules. 

“We want to ensure a green and sustainable future for London, and to do this we must continue to make walking and cycling round our city safe and accessible to all Londoners.”

Motorists across the UK should also be on alert, as the new powers for councils could be implemented in their own region, with even box junction violations under the jurisdiction of the local authority rather than the police.