London Gets 700 Extra Chargers Thanks To Uber

Sun 20th Mar 2022

Electric vehicle owners in London have received a massive boost after ride-hailing service Uber partnered with local borough councils to install 700 additional fast chargers.

The collaboration with Newham, Brent and Redbridge local authorities will increase the capital’s charging network by more than 7 per cent and though the chargers are primarily to help Uber’s fleet of drivers, they are also available for public charging.

“Drivers often tell me that being able to access reliable charging near their homes is critical to their decision to switch to an electric vehicle,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. By targeting investment where it is most needed, we are confident that thousands more drivers will make the switch to electric, allowing them to benefit from lower running costs and higher earnings on Uber. Ensuring that everyone can access EV charging will spark a mass transition to electric vehicles and help drive London towards a greener future.”

Uber will investing £5m in improving on-street charging facilities as part of a wider plan to tackle air pollution. The wider network will help the company expand their ‘Uber Green’ option to the whole of London, giving customers the choice of hailing an electric vehicle from anywhere in the city, for same price as a petrol engine.

Uber’s innovations in the space also see them working with Arrival, a specialist EV car manufacturer, to build an EV which is expected to go on the market next year.

Speaking about Uber’s plans for London, Cllr Krupa Sheth at Brent Council said: “We are very excited to be embarking on this partnership with Uber that will help increase the number of EV charging points even further in Brent. These charging points will provide greater accessibility for residents who do not have off-street parking, thus helping us promote the use of zero emission vehicles.”