London Parking Spot On Sale At Silly Price

Mon 21st Mar 2022

With car parking in the UK’s capital at a premium, people will go to great lengths to secure spaces in much sought after areas, but would you pay £85,000 for a single car space?

That’s the price being asked for on a single car space located in Knightsbridge, which shares a neighborhood with Harrods and the rich and famous of London. But the ridiculous asking price has a major concern, the bay is not even big enough to meet the British parking bay requirements.

Listed on Rightmove, the space includes CCTV, an automated security gate, fob entry and comes complete with a 960 year lease. The advert says: “With two automated gates operated by fobs, and CCTV the garage is considered to be very secure. It also benefits from access to water. The garage is considered to be very secure.”

But like many properties promoted on Rightmove, there is no mention of the space not meeting parking bay size guidelines, with the incredibly tight spot needed a foam buffer according to photographs posted on the website. It would take an incredibly skilled driver to get their vehicle in the spot, measuring at just 2.4 metres wide and 4.8 metres long. There’s no guidance as to how you might be expected to exit your vehicle once you do finally have it parked.

Still interested? The vacant space is in a garage between Rutland Gate and Ennismore Mews, a district where property prices are generally in excess of £2m, so the option having a parking spt may tempt some.