London’s Introduction Of ULEZ Makes Drivers Think Again

Tue 9th Apr 2019

A new survey of 2,000 drivers across the UK has found that the recent roll-out of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London has prompted some drivers to consider an electric vehicle.

The results of the survey were published by Nissan this week, at the same time that the controversial green scheme was introduced into central London. Almost half of those questioned believed that the daily charge was a good thing, even though just one-in-three realised that the zone was coming into effect. Perhaps the most surprising finding was that two-thirds of respondents admitted that they would now consider an EV following the introduction of ULEZ.

Nissan Motor (GB)’s sales director and interim managing director, Andrew Sellars, said:  “It’s clear that as the UK continues to implement its Road to Zero strategy - which will see at least half of all new cars sold being ultra-low emission models by 2030 - UK citizens are taking a more active interest in the benefits of electric vehicles, which contribute strongly to improving air quality in city centres.”

And despite the ULEZ receiving negative press from some quarters, Nissan’s survey found that drivers from other areas of the UK were in favour of ULEZ being introduced into their nearest major city.