London’s ULEZ Brings In £40m In Six Months

Thu 31st Oct 2019

The Ultra Low Emission Zone in the UK’s capital may be creating cleaner air for London, but it is also driving serious revenues for the Transport for London coffers.

According to data uncovered by, more than 2,000,000 drivers paid the ULEZ charge, while an additional 223,952 paid a Penalty Charge Notice for non-payment of the daily charge. One driver in particular has paid a whopping 81 PCNs for non-payment.

The daily charge is £12.50 for vehicles which do not meet certain emissions targets, while the fine for non-payment could reach £160. The fees are even higher for HGVs and coach drivers, with a daily charge of £100 and a potential fine of £1000.

It is no surprise then that the revenues raised have surpassed £40,000,000 with £30m raised from daily charges and £10m from PCNs.

“Something had to be done with London facing a public health crisis,” said Alex Buttle from Motorway. “The electric car switch-over can't come quick enough, but until it does, ULEZ shows there is a genuine commitment to tackle London's toxic air. And that commitment is proving successful.

“While ULEZ was not about generating money for councils, it has nevertheless brought in more than £40m in charges and penalty notices in the six months since launch. Schemes like ULEZ should always be about the health and well-being of people living in major urban areas. Although pollution levels are still unacceptably high in the capital, the success of ULEZ proves that similar clean air zones can and should be urgently rolled out across the country.”