Long Wait For Land Rovers To Continue

Wed 20th Apr 2022

Those hoping to secure a new Defender or Discovery Sport anytime soon should maybe look at other options as customers are being warned to expect more than a year for orders to be fulfilled.

The global supply-chain issues and shortage of microchips has hit the motoring industry hard, and that includes the premium motoring brands, who perhaps are in need of semiconductors more than most due to their technological wizardry which is expected when paying a premium price. And while companies such as Jaguar Land Rover have not really felt an impact from the ongoing Ukraine crisis, they are still facing a huge backlog to meet demand.

Land Rover suggested delays were possible at the start of the year, when they were looking at orders of 30,000 new Range Rovers and 36,000 Defenders, but the total order book now covers some 168,000 vehicles, which includes 40,000 Range Rovers and 45,000 Defenders. So despite the threat of a long wait, orders are still ticking over for the company.

JLR have announced that they have started delivering the new Range Rover, with almost 2,000 orders fulfilled, and with Q4 figures showing an 11 per cent spike, the future looks a little more rosy for the classic British brand.

Lennard Hoornik, Chief Commercial Officer for Jaguar Land Rover is also confident that the shortage of microchips is easing.

“The successful New Range Rover launch, as well as the momentum gained from Defender, has resulted in a steadily increasing order bank, now at a record 168,000 units,” Hoornik said. “The customer response to the first deliveries of New Range Rover is strong and we remain optimistic for the future, despite the geo-political and macro-economic challenges facing the industry at present.”