Looking For Love This Valentines? Make Sure You Drive The Right Car!

Wed 14th Feb 2018

The car you drive could be the key to getting you the date you want according to the very latest surveys revealed this week.

According to research from Honda UK, some singles believe that a date having a nice car is more important than them having a good sense of humour. It’s also important that the car is clean 73 per cent want a clean car on a date, and a further 12 per cent said a dirty car would rule out the potential of a second date.

“The research also found that almost one in five of those in London and the West Midlands consider having a nice car far more important than dress sense and a generous date who pays the bill,” said Honda UK’s Phil Webb.

"Our advice is to make sure the car is clean and tidy and if that fails, turn up the charm levels to maximum.”

Elsewhere and confused.com have been swiping around on popular dating app Tinder for their own research. They believe that they have found the best car to own and it’s no surprise that potential dates will be swiping right for those with a luxurious car, with an Audi A4 the most appealing motor to be seen in.

It’s not all about the luxury though as Ford Fiesta, Fiat Punto and Nissan Micra’s all rate highly.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com, says: “Our Tinder experiment proves your chances of getting a swipe right really can come down to the car you drive.

"Unfortunately, most drivers can’t afford to splash out on a new car just to improve their luck in love."

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