Luxury EV Brand Heads To UK

Mon 4th Jul 2022

The choice for the prospective electric vehicle driver is ever widening with most of the UK’s most recognisable car brands offering a range of choices for all sizes, and the choices are set to expand further with the news that a major Chinese player is set to land on these shores.

With a name like Lynk&Co, you would imagine that the Geely-owned business would already be established in this country, however, its only foray onto European soil so ar has been a hybrid SUV which was made available to selected markets in 202. The executive brand, which uses Volvo technology has now decided the time is right to land in the UK, with a fully electric offering destined to hit in 2024.

Speaking in Autocar, the Lynk&Co global head Alain Visser explained that while the exact model type is not confirmed, a switch to Britain is a priority.

“As business is going so well in the other countries, we're now accelerating the process of going to the UK, probably early 2024,” he said. “When we come to the UK, it's probably going to be a full electric entry. We see that our customers want compact vehicles that are small enough for the city and big enough for a small family.

“It will be something in that customer profile.”

As the Lynk&Co 01 PHEV, which is available in Europe, is based on the same platform as the Volvo XC40, Autocar is predicting that the new British-bound car could be based on the same platform, particular as the Polestar 2 electric saloon uses the same CMA platform.

Lynk&Co use a unique subscription model for potential owners, which sees the buyers pay a monthly all-inclusive fee, and owners can sign-up for as little as a month at a time.

Last month the Chinese company debuted a highly stylised hybrid car concept, which included scissor style doors.