Major Manufacturer Ditches Diesel

Mon 19th Oct 2020

The UK public will no longer be able to buy a diesel motor from one of the world’s most popular car brands after Honda announced plans to remove their final diesel engine from sale in Britain.

The HR-V was the last remaining diesel option for Honda, but now that is has been pulled the Japanese brand will only have petrol, hybrid and pure-electric models in its range.

The recent launch of the Jazz hybrid underlined Honda’s belief that hybrid and all-electric options were the future for the company, which also launched the innovative Honda e. The move towards electric powertrains has been helped by the development of the i-MMD hybrid system.

The company has also promised to phase out petrol engines from their line-up within the next three years.

“Honda has accelerated its plans for all its European mainstream car models to be electrified from 2025 to 2022 and our motor petrol hybrid technology will play a key role in achieving this goal,” a Honda spokesperson said. “As such, we plan for European production of diesel powertrains to cease by the end of 2022. However, on a local level in the UK, we have now stopped selling diesel cars.”