This Motor Will Give You Paws For Thought

Thu 4th Nov 2021

There are upgrades and then there are pupgrades, as one man from Plymouth has discovered after spending £10,000 to make his Nissan Micra look like a dog.

Using white Astroturf, a fibreglass tongue and a plastic nose, Leigh Waterfield, 54, completed the look with a personalised LW11 DOG numberplate. 

Leigh said he converted the car to cheer people up during Covid, and the Micra even has a tail and a bone on the roof. 

“I love dogs and I just wanted to brighten someone’s day,” Leigh told The Sun

“After the year we’ve all had I decided to give the Micra a go and I’ve not looked back.

“Customising it was quite a job as we had to basically put a new skin on the car, but it was well worth it.

“If I’m out in it and pass someone it always brings a smile to their face and makes them giggle.”

Bearing a striking resemblance to the Mutt Cutts van driven in the famous movie Dumb and Dumber, Leigh, a car salesman, believes his upgraded Nissan has more pedigree, even if it does attract unwanted canine interest.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve only seen the film once. I’d say this car is definitely better in every way,” he said.

“The only issue is if another dog comes up to the car they’ll mistake it for being a canine and suddenly cock their leg at the wheel.

“But it’s nice to have something a bit different and it’s certainly a car that stands out.”