Martin Lewis Warns Drivers To Check Their Licence

Mon 19th Apr 2021

Consumer expert Martin Lewis has issued a warning to all drivers that they need to check their drivers licence to avoid a potential £1,000 fine.

The so-called Money Saving Expert urged motorists to ensure that their documents are up-to-date following news that almost 2 million licences may have expired during the pandemic lockdown. 

The oversight comes after the DVLA automatically extended licences last year, with many unable to complete the paperwork due to lockdown measures, the 11 month extension applied to all those who were due to expire between February 1 2020 and December 31 2020.

The amnesty applied the eleven month extension from the date your licence was due to expire meaning that there is a growing number of drivers who may now be driving without their licence being up to date. For example if your licence expired in May last year then you will have had to renew your licence in April of this year.

Driving without a valid licence will come with a £1,000 penalty if you get stopped by the police under Section 99 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. 

Speaking in his popular newsletter, Lewis said: "Many whose licences were due to renew last year got an 11 month extension.

"But if that's ended for you, or your licence expired after December 2020, you MUST renew it or you could face a fine."

Licences must be renewed every ten years, and you can get fined if your details are not up-to-date, including if the address or name is not correct.