Mechanic Jargon Confuses Drivers Says Report

Thu 19th Nov 2020

The language of the garage might as well be foreign to drivers who take their car in for a repair says a new report from the RAC, which reveals that customers are very often left struggling to understand what the actual problem with their car is.

The research found that 56 per cent of drivers struggled to understand language used by garages. The wide-ranging poll also found that exactly half of those who took their car to a mechanic felt that they had been ripped-off or over charged, and worryingly 15 per cent said that the garage charged them for work they had not agreed to.

“These figures show there’s a sizeable gulf between what garages say, and what the average driver actually understands,” said the RAC’s consumer roadside managing director, Andy Baker.

“At best, this can be frustrating for drivers who need their vehicles repaired, but at worst it could mean they get a raw deal – with baffling language making it much more likely they approve any work, at any price they’re quoted.

“At the end of the day, getting the right repairs at a fair price shouldn’t come down to how well drivers understand industry terms and acronyms.”

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