Meet The World’s Most Aerodynamic Car

Tue 29th Oct 2019

A Dutch start-up has produced the world’s most aerodynamic car, and amazingly that’s not the most innovative feature of the futuristic motor.

Produced in the Netherlands after two-and-a-half years of development, the Lightyear One has been testing in wind-tunnels in Turin, Italy this week aiming to prove its credentials. Whilst the title of ‘most aerodynamic car in the world’ may rank as a top achievement to many motoring manufacturers, the slickness of the ‘One’ is a means to an end which will help the groundbreaking EV target 400 miles on a single charge - so long as there is enough sunlight…

That’s right, the ‘One’ is at one with nature in that future editions are expected to incorporate 53 square feet of solar panels, which are expected to provide 7.5 miles of range replenishment per hour. Lofty ambitions for dreary Britain, but perhaps no bother for the roads of Arizona or Australia.

The car, which takes much inspiration from the classic Citroen DS, is expected to hit the market in 2021, but early versions will have to rely on simple aerodynamics rather than the light of the sun for its economy.

"During a week of testing in a windtunnel facility in Turin, the Lightyear team was able to validate their simulation models and confirm a drag coefficient (Cd) below 0.20," Lightyear said in its announcement.

"This means a newly established record in aerodynamics for Lightyear One. The exact number will be made public when the car is fully developed. With the results as they stand, Lightyear One will likely be the most aerodynamic car available in the market."