Mercedes Hyperscreen Labelled ‘Cinema On Wheels’

Thu 7th Jan 2021

German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes have launched an ultra-wide smart screen which will feature in the forthcoming EQC electric limousine and will come with a host of unique features.

Quite possibly the most high-spec infotainment system in motoring, the ‘Hyperscreen’ features a 141 centimetre curved screen band which has a distortion-free view of the display unit from any area of the car.

The system will also include carefully developed AI features which learn your driving habits and builds a unique profile of the driver. The EQS will learn from driving and can even remember the location of speed-bumps in the road and will lift the front nose of the car in an innovative ‘Vehicle Lift-Up’ function. The Hyperscreen will also use patented eye-tracking technology which allows drivers to control certain functions, but will also stop the driver from watching movies if their gaze shifts towards the screen while passengers are enjoying the film. It’s unlikely the technology will be rolled out to other Mercedes Benz vehicle anytime soon as the company’s boss said in comments to the Daily Mail that it won’t be cheap, even when prices in the range of £10,000 were mentioned.

“With our MBUX Hyperscreen, a design vision becomes reality” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group. “We merge technology with design in a fascinating way that offers the customer unprecedented ease of use. We love simplicity, we have reached a new level of MBUX.”

"The MBUX Hyperscreen is both the brain and nervous system of the car", says Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and CTO. "The MBUX Hyperscreen continually gets to know the customer better and delivers a tailored, personalised infotainment and operating offering before the occupant even has to click or scroll anywhere."