Metre-Long Snake Found During MOT

Wed 30th Jun 2021

We’ve heard of Snakes On A Plane, but what about Snakes On A Drivetrain? That was the scenario facing a shocked mechanic who found huge python under the bonnet of a Vauxhall Vivaro during an MOT.

The Sunfire Royal Ball Python had been hitching a ride in the vehicle’s engine for two weeks after going missing from the home of the car owner - but the snake, which was named Gav was found curled up on top of the engine at CSN Autos in Norfolk last week.

The snake belonged to the son of car owner Sophie Turner, who initially thought the garage was winding her up when they called to let them know about the potential MOT fail!

“Since then we’ve been out in the car – dinosaur park, Great Yarmouth, shopping, fishing, everywhere – the whole time he was obviously in the bonnet,” said Ms Turner after recounting the tale.

“Luckily we’d fed the snake. He had a mouse a few days before he’d gone and that would’ve helped with his survival.

“He went into the engine under the bonnet to keep warm.

“The fact he didn’t drop out […] I know snakes are nocturnal and they sleep during the day, we’re lucky he didn’t come out the bonnet at the dinosaur park or anything like that.”

Ms Turner’s partner Jim Catton cycled to the garage to retrieve the snake in a pillowcase only to find that there wasn’t too much concern about finding a reptile under the bonnet.

Chris Newell who owns CSN Autos said that the mechanic “didn’t really react” to finding Gav and that the snake was “just sat on the engine, just chilling on there.”