Michelin Develops Puncture Proof Tyre

Wed 5th Jun 2019


One of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers has developed a tyre system made of fibreglass which will be puncture proof and could be in our roads within five years.

Michelin’s Uptis (Unique Puncture-Proof Tyre System) is currently being tested by Chevrolet in the US state of Michigan and comes without air and with no sidewall, with the wheel’s stability provided by a new resin-embedded fibreglass material.

"The idea was to develop a technology that was strong enough to carry the load but light enough to replace the air," Cyrille Roget, technical and scientific communication director for the Michelin Group, told Car and Driver. "If you have a load on the tire and you cut all the spokes at the bottom, you will see that nothing will change, demonstrating that the load is carried by the top of it, not by the under parts."

The Uptis is expanding on Michelin’s original airless tyre concept, the Vision which was revealed in 2017. The project saw four main components and could be 3D printed or have a rechargable tread pattern.

With a maximum speed of 130mph and a maximum load of 1102 pounds, the future of puncture-free driving could be a real possibility. It is claimed that the Uptis could have a longer life than standard tyres, by the simple fact that driving around on under-inflated tyres shortens the life of a tyre.

“Whatever the temperature, the profile of the tire will be exactly the same," Steve Kiefer, President of Global Purchasing at General Motors  said. "So it's a very stable solution. No pressure check, no pressure adjustment.

“You always have the right pressure, so the tire will have a longer life."