More Drug Drivers Than Ever Says Report

Mon 16th May 2022

A shocking new report published this week has revealed that Britain’s roads have more drivers under the influence of drugs than at any other time.

Data obtained from the DVLA and published by online garage-finder MotorEasy, found that there were 20,407 drivers caught with drugs in their system while driving in 2021. There were 10,479 caught in 2018, and amazingly the figures continued to rise, even through lockdown, with figures of 12,219 in 2019 and 14,377 in 2020.

While the increase in roadside testing for drugs was always likely to lead to a jump in the figures, thanks to the ‘drugalyser’ technology. Police can use the kit to detect most drugs including cocaine and cannabis, but they can also take suspected drivers back to the station and also test for heroin and ecstasy, a ploy which even caught out a 78-year-old woman, in what must be one of the most extreme cases.

“There is never an excuse to get behind the wheel while impaired, whether that’s through drugs or alcohol,” said Duncan McLure Fisher, CEO of MotorEasy.

“Britain’s drug driving problem is growing each year and urgent intervention is needed to prevent tragedies on our roads.

“Since it became a specific offence in 2015, drug driving convictions continue to increase – whether that’s because more people are doing it or police forces are becoming better at catching those who do.

“We all have a responsibility to other motorists to make sure we are fit to drive and to ensure our roads are as safe as possible.”

According to the analysis, the North West of England is most likely place to find a drug driver, with 13,166 offences, compared to South West Scotland, which has the lowest in the UK with just 30 drivers penalised.