More Potholes But Less Compo Says Report

Tue 5th Feb 2019

UK drivers are experiencing more potholes than ever, but a new report says local authorities are paying out 40 per cent less compensation than five years ago.

The report from carwow found that the average compensation payout by councils for pothole damage was £276, and although claims have doubled from 23,921 in 2016/17 to 48,767 in 2017/18, the most recent financial year available, the Freedom of Information request found that payouts across the board are down significantly. Drivers in Wales are being compensated on average just £144, less than 52 per cent of the national average, compaed to £205 in Scotland and £298 in England.

“Driver safety is being compromised by the sheer number of potholes on British roads,” said carwow’s Chief Operating Officer.
“The damage that these hazards do to cars can be severe, yet compensation payments are dropping.
“This makes no sense and motorists are angry. Government money has been set aside to deal with the pothole plague - if councils aren't filling them or compensating drivers, we are justified in asking where this cash is going?”

Though there have been close to 50,000 claims for damage caused by potholes over the last year, fewer than 54 per cent of those claims have been successful according to the report.

The report seemingly contradicts a report from Highways England in December which suggested that there has been a four-fold increase in pothole payouts on the UK’s network of motoways and A-roads.