Morse Jag Named Top TV Cop Car

Wed 15th Jun 2022

A poll to find the nation’s favourite TV cop car has named Inspector Morse’s Jaguar Mark 2 as the best of all time.

In what might seem as a pointless exercise with many police dramas seeing the cop hero driving around in a standard police vehicle, there is a surprising amount of memorable cop cars.

The research was carried out by the Top Gear team when they asked 1,000 members of the public to name their favourites, and it may come as no surprise to find that the top ten list is more a reflection of some of the iconic detectives on the small screen.

John Thaw, who played Inspector Morse in the ITV series appears to have enjoyed some classic car luck in his acting career, as vehicles he is connected with appear twice on the list. As well as the Jaguar Mark 2 at No.1, Inspector Jack Regan, who drives a Ford Consul GT in the Sweeney. Another man who appears twice in the list is Gene Hunt, who drove some memorable vehicles as a cop in the BBC series’ Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars. Other in the top ten include Magnum PI’s Ferrari 308 GTS and the Ford Capri made famous by Ray Doyle in The Professionals.

Speaking about the Jaguar which topped the poll, Top Gear presenter Chris Harris said: “The Mark 2 originally had a reputation for grace and sophistication but by the 1980s when Morse was on the TV, it had a different image, it was a bit more bank robber than stately home. 

“But it all fitted with Morse’s character, the curmudgeon and intellect who loved real ale and crosswords and disliked pleasantries.  

“If a great TV police car can say something about the character or driver that almost no lines could, then this is the best of the lot.”