MOT Warning For Millions Of British Drivers

Mon 5th Apr 2021

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has issued a warning to car owners across the UK who may have taken advantage of a six-month MOT exemption and may not know their renewal date.

According to DVSA there were 10 million vehicles which used the extension after many garages and MOT centres closed during the first wave of pandemic lockdown. That six-month exemption was made available on the 30th March 2020, meaning that many drivers may now be out of their rhythm in terms of keeping their motoring documentation up to date.

The DVSA found that 15 per cent of vehicles were late for their MOT when the exemption ended in August 2020, but that had risen to 28 per cent by December, and the agency has set up a reminder service so that vehicle owners know when their vehicle needs its MOT.

“We know lots of vehicle owners are unsure about when their test is this year. So our free MOT reminder service offers peace of mind they won't miss their test date,” said Chris Price, Head of MOT Policy at the DVSA.

“We're committed to helping people to keep their vehicles safe to drive. Signing up for an MOT reminder is a quick and easy way for motorists to do this.”

Despite the warning, new research published by The Motor Ombudsman has found that the vast majority of drivers do know when their MOT is due. A YouGov poll commissioned by the organisation found that 89 per cent of drivers knew their MOT expiry date.

“With the six-month extension changing the natural rhythm of when people would have traditionally got their MOT done, it is encouraging to see that such an important annual assessment remains at the forefront of people’s minds and a key date in the diary for so many,” said Bill Fennell from the The Motor Ombudsman.
“Nevertheless, when our lives do return to some degree of normality in the coming months as lockdown restrictions are lifted, it’s still advisable for motorists to sign up for free MOT reminders and have the car’s documentation readily available to jog their memory if needed, so that they can make a booking ahead of time.”