MPG Now Main Priority Of Car Buyers

Wed 31st Aug 2022

The majority of motorists now rank fuel economy among their top three considerations when purchasing a vehicle, according to a new survey.

According to a survey of 15,057 drivers by AA Cars, 24 per cent of those questioned said fuel economy was the most important feature for a car if they were to buy one this year, with 87 per cent listing it among their top three priorities.

Only nine percent of motorists said that fuel economy would not be a factor in their decision to buy an electric vehicle, while four percent said it wasn’t important because they would only want to buy an electric vehicle.

AA data recently revealed that petrol cost an average of £170.60 per litre in May, a 26 per cent increase from last year's price of £140 per litre, while diesel cost an average of £182.58 per litre, a 33 per cent rise from last year's price of £146 per litre.

“The high cost of petrol and diesel has made many drivers reconsider what they want most in a car, and fuel economy has shot up to the top of many people’s wishlists,” said James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars.

“This means that some of the most attractive models right now are those with the best fuel economy. Anyone looking for a car to buy should compare the miles per gallon offered by different models, to get a sense of how efficient each is compared to its rivals.

“People concerned about the price of fuel may also be considering an EV as an alternative. While EVs typically cost more to buy than an equivalent petrol or diesel model, they come with the benefit of lower running costs. The savings are even bigger when fuel prices are as high as they are right now.”