Nearly Everyone Breaks Speed Limit In 20mph Zones - And The Govt Knows!

Wed 7th Nov 2018

Almost 94 per cent of UK drivers are breaking the speed limit in 20mph zones according to the latest Department for Transport figures.

The startling figures show that the lowest speed limit is not effective at preventing speeding on Britain’s roads and that even public transport is guilty of exceeding the 20mph with over three quarters of long buses found to have overstepped the mark.

Though the speeding limits are being ignored by seemingly all types of driver, local councils are still pushing ahead with plans to introduce more of the zones - London could see almost 100 miles of 20mph zones by 2020.

Despite this, some campaigners argue that the reduction to 20mph from 30mph is proving effective at reducing overall speeds, despite conflicting opinions on the safety aspect.

Speaking in The Sun, an AA spokesperson said:  “Accepting that 20mph roads started as 30mph roads and the limit reduction was intended to slow vehicles down, they work.

“However, blanket 20mph zones dilute the speed limit’s effectiveness and compliance. Worse still, the cost of installation has diverted stretched highway funds from filling in potholes – which have killed 22 cyclists since 2007 – and from targeted road safety improvements, such as pedestrian crossings on school routes.”

IAM RoadSmart suggests more work needs to be done to look at how effective the zones are, Rebecca Ashton, Head of Driver Behaviour told The Sun: “Where limits do not match the environment uncertainty and confusion are generated which can raise stress, distract from driving and may also lead to a wider disrespect for speed limits.

“This is why the IAM does not favour a blanket approach to speed limits or a wholesale change in the urban limit from 30 to 20.

“Simply changing a few signs on the edge of a ‘zone’ and hoping the message sticks does not seem to be working.”