Nearly New EVs More Popular Than Ever

Tue 9th Nov 2021

One in three Brits would consider buying a used electric vehicle according to new research, with public perception shifting dramatically following the recent petrol crisis.

Millions of drivers were left frustrated and worried about access to fuel at the end of September when a public panic forced many petrol stations to run short on fuel, the crisis may have only lasted a week, but it will have made many car owners consider making an early switch to EV according to a survey by Volkswagen Financial Services.

And with petrol prices reaching record levels and the new E10 proving to be less efficient than its predecessor there are many reasons as to why the days of fossil fuel powered cars might be numbered.

Volkswagen have seen a 76 per cent increase in customers buying EVs during the last 12 months, with finance being requested on petrol and diesel falling by 23 per cent and 37 per cent respectively.

The analysis, which was put together in the weeks following the petrol crisis found that the younger generations were most likely to panic buy with 18-24 (30%) and 25-34 (31%) age brackets clearly more worried than the chilled-out senior citizens of the driving world, only seven per cent of 55-64 years olds rushed to the petrol station, and just three per cent of 65-74 year-olds.

“Electric vehicles have never been more popular than they are today and it’s clear from our research that the recent fuel crisis has only accelerated the surge in demand for electric cars and their new technologies,” said Rebecca Whitmore, Electric Vehicle Senior Product Owner at Volkswagen Financial Services.

“However, to meet the government’s decarbonisation targets, we need the take-up of EVs to be much higher. The average length of each car journey in the UK is fewer than 10 miles, so there’s still a lot of work to be done to alter the wider public’s perception of their driving habits, because an electric car would slot into the average person’s daily life more seamlessly than they probably imagine.

“As EV technology continues to improve and these vehicles continue to become more affordable and accessible, it won’t be too long before we have mainstream adoption in the UK.”