Never Say Sorry Says Leading Insurer

Wed 10th Nov 2021

The British may be regarded as one of the most polite, kind and civil nations on the planet, but when we get behind the wheel the proverbial gloves are off. And now one of the UK’s biggest motor insurers has offered official advice which says we should never ever say sorry.

Swinton Insurance have offered a wide range of advice on the do’s and don’ts of what should happen if you are involved in an accident, and while sage and sane advice such as stopping the car, calling the police, collecting the other driver’s insurance details are all on the list. The one thing they don’t advise, which many people actually feel obliged to do, is to say sorry to the other driver.

“You should avoid apologising or saying sorry to the other driver, even if you feel like you want to,” says the Swinton Insurance tip. “There is a process for determining fault, so it is best to let the experts handle this – even if you are certain you were at fault. Be polite to the other driver, ensure anyone involved is ok and refrain from discussing what has happened.”

Other do’s include getting an incident number from the police, photographing the scene, if safe and of course, letting your insurer know you have had an accident.

“Car accidents can be shocking and stressful, and as a driver, they can really knock your confidence,” said Sam Dawson, Head of Product at Swinton Insurance.

"Unfortunately, car accidents are relatively common in the UK. In 2019, there were 117,536 reported accidents across the country — all varying in severity.

"With the increasing complexity, and sometimes uncertainty around using smart motorways, there is a concern that this could inadvertently lead to accidents.

"It is important to know what you should do in the situation of a traffic collision, not just for your insurance, but for your safety, too."